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Product Questions

  • 1. What exactly is an electronic cigarette? +

    Electronic cigarettes have been developed to provide smokers with an authentic sensation of smoking without the dangerous side effects that result from burning and smoking tobacco. The electronic cigarette (or e-cig) contains a battery, liquid container and coil. The battery power atomizer (or clearomizer on some models) which heats the propylene glycol/vegetable glycerine as liquid to create a "smoke like" vapour. This vapour is combined with liquid nicotine and flavorings to provide an experience that is similar to smoking a traditional cigarette, but without the harmfulness.

  • 2. What is e-liquid? What is PG and VG? +

    The common base recipe for e-liquid is Propylene Glycol (VG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), flavorings, and optionally Nicotine.

    Propylene Glycol (PG):

    - Propylene Glycol is high quality pharmaceutical grade, non toxic, will give you more of a throat hit.

    Vegetable Glycerine (VG):

    - Vegetable Glycerine is a sweet, thick, vegetable based liquid. It helps to produce more vapour and holds more flavour.

  • 3. What nicotine strength should I choose? +

    As a beginner vaper, we would recommend 11mg. This is to mimic the harshness of a cigarette and also to provide you with a similar amount of nicotine that you would get from a cigarette. The following chart is for your reference.

    How many do you somke per day Nicotine Strength for you
    0 - 3 per day 0mg
    3 - 9 per day 6mg
    9 - 18 per day 11mg
    18 - 25 per day 18mg
    25+ per day 20mg
  • 4. How do I fill my clearomizer with e-liquid? +

    To fill a clearomizer with e-liquid, simply unscrew the black mouthpiece and tilt the unit to a 45 angle. Then simply pour the e-liquid into the barrel. Avoid getting it down the central metal barrel (as this may cause it to leak). Do NOT over fill it.

  • 5. What about the health issues? +

    Electronic cigarettes do NOT contain tobacco so they do not burn in the same way as traditional cigarettes. They do not produce ash, carbon monoxide, benzene or any of the other dangerous products which result from burning tobacco. The vaporization process produces no smell or residue. People nearby do not face the passive smoking dangers that are associated with traditional cigarettes.

  • 6. How should I store my e-liquid? +

    E-liquid should be stored in a cool, dark area away from direct sunlight. E-liquid, cartridges, atomizers, and e-cig's in general may contain nicotine and should be kept out of reach from children and pets.

Order Quetions

  • 1. Which payment methods do you accept? +

    We accept different types of Payment Method, including PayPal, Barclay Online Transfer, BARCLAYS Bank Transfer, T/T. You can choose the best way to complete your payment.

  • 2. How to track my order? +

    Please login to your account on our website, then click My orders to see order details and shipments.

  • 3. Can I collect the products at your warehouse? +

    Please call us on 44 161 8319627 to arrange collection of your order from our warehouse.

  • 4. How much of the cost of delivery? +

    The cost of delivery is different for various weight of products you ordered. When you pay for your order, the freight charges will be added to the order amount automatically.

  • 5. If I want to return the products, what should I do? +

    You could directly call us on 44 161 8319627 or email to if you feel confused.