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Inspired Vapour 2Pcs 650MA EGO-CE4 Pack

Inspired Vapour 2Pcs 650MA EGO-CE4 Pack
Price :  £4.56 / Unit
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Using Your eGo-CE4:
Screw the filled CE4 onto the battery(don't over tighten).
Keep your finger on the button whilst inhaling the vapour.
Release the button when you remove your eGo-CE4 from your lips. Pressing the button too often whilst not inhaling, could damage the CE4.
Do not use eGo-CE4 in a vertical position, since liquid could leak out. Push the manual button for no longer than 5 seconds to avoid overheating of the atomizer.
In case of eGO-ce4 vapourizing continuously or shows signs of overheating, stop the usage, wait about 10 seconds to start use again.

1.Working voltage/current: DC 3.0-4.2V, 0.8-1.6A
2.DC resistance of heating wire: 2.3-3.0Ohm
3.Charging voltage/current: 5V/500mA
4.USB-DC charger voltage/current: 4.2V/420mA
5.LED flashing of timeout: 3 times
6.LED flashing of low battery: 10 timess
7.Battery charging: The LED of battery keeping light
8.Full charge: 4.12-4.25V (Typical 4.18V)
9.Charging status: The LED of battery button
10.Quiescent current: 4.2V/10uA (Typical 3uA)
11.Locking key: Keeping click the button 5 times (Clock/Open)

What's in the box:
Open the eGo-CE4 presentation box lid. The top tier includes:
2 x ecig covers with removable mouth piece & screw on.
2 x 650mA battery
2 x CE4

Second Tier Includes:
1 x User Maunal
1 x USB charging lead

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SKU 2Pcs EGO-CE4 650MA Pack

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