The quality of e-liquid is the key of vape, which directly decides the vaping feeling. Even the e-cig is the best, it could not play a role without the good quality e-liquid/e-juice.

With no further ado, let’s identify what is related to the quality of e-liquid and how to distinguish between the good one and the bad one.


 What is related to the quality of e-liquid?

The quality of e-liquid is related to the PG/VG, nicotine solution and flavours. (those beginners who want to know more about the e-liquid could read “What is e-liquid” firstly.) Therefore, the good quality e-liquid should adopt:

1) Food grade or pharmaceutical grade PG/VG;

2) The requirements of 98% nicotine content is preferably 99% or more content;

3) High quality e-liquid flavours.


How to distinguish between the good e-liquid and bad e-liquid?

1) Watch

Watch, is to see the appearance of e-liquid carefully. A good e-liquid is as clear as crystal, with the colorless, light yellow, golden yellow, orange red, or green, etc., which looks very comfortable and pleasing to the eyes.

2) Smell

Use your nose to smell the aroma of e-liquid carefully. A good e-liquid has a full and round elegant aroma, which is very attractive and lingering.

3) Vaping

The most important step of distinguish e-liquid is to vaping it. When you vaping the good quality e-liquid, you could feel the full rounded flavour in your throat, physiological satisfaction similar to smoking, no stimulation, no choking throat, with a lingering wonderful aftertaste.


9 base characteristics of good quality e-liquid:

No.1 Safety and Healthy

No.2 No Dry Mouth

No.3 No Sweet Greasy

No.4 No Dizziness

No.5 No Lit

No.6 Not too Aromatic

No.7 Pure Color

No.8 No disgusting

No.9 Don’t Affect Appetite


Now, you understand how to identify the quality of e-liquid. A good quality e-liquid could help you vape safely and enjoyably. But there are so many good quality e-liquids on the market, do you know how to pick an e-liquid right for you? Maybe you need some Tips on How to Pick an E-liquid Right for You.