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TPD Explanation - New Rules to E-cig in UK 2016
Here show you what does the updated Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) means and how it will affect vape in UK...Read More
Introduction of E-liquid Flavours
Many beginners will be confused that there are so many kinds of different e-liquid flavours on the market, and they don’t know how to choose...Read More
How to Identify the Quality of E-liquid/E-juice?
The quality of e-liquid is the key of vape, which directly decides the vaping feeling. This guide is to identify what is related to the quality of e-liquid and how to distinguish between the good one and the bad one.Read More
Why Dry Mouth / Chest Tightness / Cough Caused When Vaping E-liquid?
Most vapors will pay more attention to their body feeling and condition, comparing vaping with smoking...Read More
Best Value Candy Floss E-liquid UK  - Buyer’s guide 2017
If you are a candy floss addict, when you choose e-liquid flavors you must prefer to candy floss e-liquid...Read More
For Beginners - How to Add E-liquid into E-cigarette
This guide is for beginners, to show you how to add e-liquid into your e-cigarette...Read More

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