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As a one-stop shop for e-cigarette in UK, we run wholesale and retail business both online and offline for interested wholesalers, distributors, retailers and individual customers, offering a wide range of e-cigaratte supplies including bottled e-liquids, vape kits, atomiser coils, tanks, etc. All of our e-cigarette supplies are affordable at rock bottom prices.

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New JOMO Malaysia Flavour E-Liquid

Nicotine Free /Six Flavours Available

ONLY £ 10.00/unit


  • Pros 1.Extremely smooth and tasty with the perfect amount of subtle sweetness. 2.Great for mixing. 3.Smooth throat hit. 4.Good value for the price.

  • Taste one at my friends'home,it's bold minty menthol flavor. And I search and find your store, the price is fantastic, maybe is the cheapest in the UK. Min Order with 10pcs, it's acceptable for me.

  • The flavour isn't strong enough but is otherwise perfect

  • Arrived very quickly which was good and the taste was very pleasant.It's of the best, I mostly use the strawberry one from this website.

  • This menthol e-liquid is quite tasty, but not enough to be called the best menthol e-liquid. Please see my review as below: Smell: has a cool menthol smell when I open it Flavour: quite sweet but not as enough cool and fresh as I expected, just can say it is OK Vapour: not too much, I like much vapour Throat hit: soft, not too strong All in all, I give you four stars for this menthol e-liquid.

  • This really is like breathing in an extra strong mint or a polo. If you love a menthol taste like I do you'l like this, it's lush!

  • Really good taste and vapour. It reminds me of some good old days, very impressed by the slightly nutty aftertaste. Recommand to try this premium LB e-liquid.

  • Pros: -Cheap e-liquid online -Very sweet and fresh flavour -Big vapour. Cons:-no cons

  • This bubble gum e liquid makes me remind of my old days, I chew the bubble gum against my friends and see who could blow out the biggist one. The sweet flavour is flowing on my throat, the dense and soft vapor just like soft bubble hanging around me, very smooth but not too much strong thraot hit. I think this is one of premium bubble gum e liquids I meet with.

  • First buy in your shop and first try with your black jack e-liquid. Overall, it is not bad, maybe not top e-liquid, but still smooth to throat. I do not feel the chemical smell when I vaping this e-liquid, it is better than many other shops which sold the e-liquids with strong chemical smell. Maybe I will consider to buy next time.

  • This BH e-liquid has a light tobacco smell, comforting smell. The flavor is a little spicy, but still special and impressive. Strong throat hit, but a little dry on throat after vaping. Vapour is quite a few, not too much dense.

  • Cool aftertaste and smooth throat hit. I can smell the freshness of menthol when I vaping it. It is smooth and soft to my throat, I think it is one of the best comfort e-liquid.

  • I am a 2 years smoker who decided to quit smoking finally because smoking really does harm to my health. I searched many kinds of e liquid online and at last choose Aulola vapour. No other reasons, just because it has many cheap e-liquids. The price is cheap and affordable for me. I like the sweet- and-sour taste of pineapple, and in order to relieve my nicotine addiction, I choose 10 bottles of pineapple e-liquid with 11mg nicotine strength. To be honest, really very fast shipping. They were arrived at my house a few days ago, just spending 2days. Fast speed! Now after using this pineapple e-liquid a few days, I was really pleasantly surprised. It has very authentic pineapple flavor and the taste just likes the juice from a can of Dole pineapples. Not too sweet, also not too tart. When it hit my throat, I feel it is fulled of pineapple flavors. I think I am fell in love with this pineapple-cheap-premium-eliquid.

  • Well, it has a light smell of green grass, very fresh. When I am vaping, I feel like I am breathing the freshness of grass. Very smooth and fresh to my throat. By the way, the vapour is so much, I just vape a small mouth, but there will be so much dense vapour, really cool!!

  • A very sweet and tasty vanilla. One of the best to a great price.

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